Tecno Phantom 6 & 6 Plus Specs & Price in Nigeria

Tecno have officially release the new phantom from the phantom series. This time around we are seeing two phantom phones. They are the new Phantom 6 and Phantom 6 Plus (Just like the iPhone). The Phantom 6 plus is definitely Tecno’s best device so far with features such as a deca-core processor, 4GB RAM, 21MP back camera to name a few.

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iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Specs & Price in Nigeria

The much anticipated iPhone is here now. This is iPhone 7. Apple has recently announced the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Apple implemented different features on these devices such as waterproof, new chip, increase in memory, no headphone jack (gosh) and more. But is it really worth getting one if already own an iPhone 6? Find out below.

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Ntel LTE & Data Plans

As we all know, data plans are getting cheaper as time goes by in the country. There is talk of ntel network in town in recent months and am sure you guys have also heard about the company.

For those who haven’t heard about ntel before, don’t worry because I will do a quick intro on them. Okay, do you remember NiTel? (Yes, I mean the old NiTel). ntel actually started out by acquiring important telecom assets which were previously owned by NiTel. thereby gaining grounds. To cut the long story short, let’s put it in a more formal way.

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Infinix Hot 4 X557 Specs & Price in Nigeria

Infinix Hot 4 is the latest smartphone in the Infinix Hot series. The phone is the direct successor to hot 3. The phone’s major improvement includes a fingerprint sensor, 5mp Front camera, Android 6.0 marshmallow OS and a 4000mAh battery.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Price in Nigeria


Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy note 7 the successor to the Note 5 (Samsung probably skipped 6 to be in line with S7 & S7 Edge). There are similarities among Note 7 and S7 edge but the smartphone is still a note in the hand. The Phablet is the 6th among the note series with improvements in security and specification areas.

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Huawei G Power (Y6 Pro) Specs & Price in Nigeria


Huawei G Power is a battery focused device as it’s name implies, “Power”. The mid-range smartphone which is also known as Huawei Y6 Pro is backed by an impressive 4000mAh battery to keep you going.

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Xtouch E1 Specs & Price in Nigeria


Looking for a really cheap android device with good specs? XTouch gives you one in XTouch E1. XTouch is a brand under Innjoo. It is a budget device with features such as quad-core processor, 5-inch screen and a good 3,200mAh battery. You can have these features at a very low price.

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Glo Data Plans for Andriod, Blackberry, Iphone & PC

Some years ago, Data plans was not all too friendly to the pockets of an average Nigerian. Data plans usually require high prices for low data volume such as paying as high as NGN 1,000 for a mere 100MB (remember those days? Arghh!). But recently that is not the case. Data are now cheap over all the network. But wait a second, is it that cheap? Not really except you make use of Glo data plans.

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